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Su Polatoglu

UX Researcher, UX Consultant
Mixed Methods & Qualitative


+90 537 650 3222


Working remotely from:

Currently in Istanbul

Previously worked for companies based in:

The Netherlands, USA, Turkey, Germany, India


Experienced UX Researcher with a demonstrated history of working in the tech industry. Currently working as a consultant for enterprises that wish to optimize their Digital UX Research processes and maximize user insights for product strategy.

Skilled in Mixed and Qualitative UX Research of digital products, with a proven professional record of 6 years and an academic background in Psychology, Research, HCI and AI from Leiden University, Delft Technical University and KOC.

After studying and working in the Netherlands for Philips B.V. I returned to my hometown, Istanbul, to work as an independent consultant for enterprises in Turkey, India and Germany. I've got the chance to work on mobility, legal, finance, online travel and domestic appliance products since then.

April 2022

July 2021


Screenshot 2022-07-28 at 10_edited.jpg

B2C Mobility Product

This work consists of foundational research followed by an end-to-end testing phase, completed for a ground-breaking solution designed to integrate with an already-existing car ecosystem. The objective was to create a vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication tech product that, when used in conjunction with appropriate infrastructure, traffic rules, and driver education, can help reduce traffic accidents and road congestion.

B2B Legal SaaS

How can a new SaaS product can change human behavior? How can the experience of getting legal advice be improved? These two questions drove my foundational and evaluative research with a legal company launching an e-consultancy module, a never-before-seen way of getting legal advice for the Turkish SMEs.


March 2021


For about 12 months I spent most of my time leading research in a pretty big team focused on renovating their website and mobile application. We used a lean set of tools to quickly iterate & refine concepts with potential customers to assess their business potential.

My role in these projects was to lead design of the experiment, as well as leading the evaluation of the data returned by the experiment. 

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