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Reliable customer insight, analyzed using AI


Connect with your customers and have
data-driven foundation for your business strategy with the assistance of our AI-powered tools.
Our mindfully designed features support you in organising all the information generated from UX research, interviews and business calls.  

Our Services


Video Calls

Talk face-to-face with your customers to conduct remote user research, client meetings or consulting sessions.


Get screen-recordings from customers. Share the link of the video and let them record themselves while answering your questions or reviewing your product.

Timestamped Notes

Easily take notes while on a video call or watching a recording to the notes section and the note will be pinned to that certain time. 


Get transcripts of your video calls and export them as text file. Never miss an insight from customer interactions to improve your service.

Automated Labeling

Transcript of your video call is automatically analysed with AI to label topics, UX metrics, emotions.

Atomic Insights Repository

See every nugget of raw qualitative data, insight and the conclusion 
relevant to your teams in a searchable and shareable format.

“When most value is produced by knowledge workers, the way to increase productivity is to employ cognitive-design strategies and create products that augment the human mind. Technologies that negate human skills are a prescription for continued low productivity in the knowledge economy..”

Jacob Nielsen

 Nielsen Norman Group

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